Episode 7: Karma Is A Rainbow Bitch

In this week’s episode we eat our feelings and vent about how hockey’s done us wrong.  Featuring: a whole lot of (deserved) suckage from the Penguins, the Capitals may as well change their tagline to ALLTRADES, one of us goes to the final Rivalry Series game, we deal with more mansplaining, and the Caps liked it enough to put a ring on it (“it” being all their season ticket holders).

Episode 5: Podcastus Interruptus

AKA sloppy seconds: Or that time our recorder stopped doing its job 15 minutes into an episode and we got to record it twice!

This week we talk about mansplaining and boob-grabbing on the bench, and how we don’t actually appreciate either of those two things.  One of us also has lots of (angry) feelings about the Penguins’ goalie situation, we find a startling new common ground between the Capitals’ Tom Wilson and Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas, we stream a CWHL game, and the NHL needs to do better.

Episode 2: When You Play with Men

Sometimes being a woman who plays hockey means you deal with bachelorette party planning on the bench.  Sometimes it means you have rage blackouts on the ice.  Sometimes one leads to the other!  Either way, it’s a good time.

Also we talk about William Nylander and that whole contract standoff.